Cinematic Soundscapes

Indoor Percussion and Marching Band Compositions

Who we are

Officially started in 2016 by Weston Amaro and Eric Shriver, Cinematic Soundscapes has actually been in development for quite some time.  Over a decade ago, we designed and taught our first indoor percussion show together and haven't stopped since. Designing and teaching became our life, our job, and our outlet. From indoor to outdoor, drums to winds, marching to concert, junior high to college, we put a part of ourselves into each design and got just as much back from them. Each show was a snapshot of a time, a group of people, and a moment that happened once and then was gone forever. So after over a decade of designing together, we decided it was time to give some of our shows a chance at a new life.

Maybe it was a product of our inspiration stemming almost exclusively from movies, literature, and poetry. Maybe it was a voice we felt was few and far between in the activity. Maybe it was the sound we were drawn to. But the longer we designed together, the more we heard the same word again and again to describe our writing style and shows: cinematic. Thus, Cinematic Soundscapes was born.


Eric Shriver

Eric Shriver is a full-time percussion educator in Southern California, and most recently was the Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger for the Blue Stars Drum & Bugle Corps (Battery Caption Head 2013-2016, Arranger 2017-2018).  He will be joining the Percussion Staff at Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps for Summer of 2019. He received his Bachelor of Arts - Music (Industry Studies) degree from California Polytechnic University (Pomona, CA). 

Prior to Blue Stars, Eric served as Snare Tech/Battery Instructor for Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps from 2009-2012. Eric has been on staff with Pulse Percussion Ensemble assuming several different roles: originally he was the Snare Tech from 2008-2009, then took a much larger responsibility as Battery/Ensemble Coordinator from 2010-2012 helping to earn the ensemble's first World Championship in 2010, and more recently has been on staff as Ensemble Consultant from 2013-present. Currently, he is the Percussion Director at Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton, CA),  and West HS (Torrance, CA).

Eric's performance experience consisted of such programs as: Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corp, Pulse Percussion, Black Knights Indoor Drumline, Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps, and RCC Marching Band. 

Eric is proud to be a Yamaha, Remo,  and Innovative Percussion Educational Artist, serves on the SCPA Steering Committee, and has been a member of the WGI Advisory Board representing multiple ensembles. He currently lives in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


Weston Amaro

For over a decade, Weston Amaro has been an active writer, educator, designer and consultant for dozens of marching bands and indoor drum lines in the Southern California area. In that time he has written or taught at almost every competitive indoor level available, from junior, to scholastic, to concert, to independent. 

Weston began percussion at Rancho Cucamonga High School under the instruction of Caleb Rothe and Tony Nunez, earning his first WGI Scholastic Open Class medal while in the ensemble in 2004. Following high school, he performed with Pulse Percussion on timpani in 2006 and took on the role of section leader on mallets in 2007. In 2008 he returned to his alma mater at RCHS assuming the role as front ensemble caption head where he still remains. 

In 2010, Weston started the competitive world class concert program at Rowland High School to compete alongside the world class marching ensemble, becoming one of the few ensembles to ever nationally compete with and maintain two world class ensembles simultaneously. Since their national WGI championship debut in 2012, both ensembles have been consistent national finalists and in 2014 the concert ensemble took home its first WGI World Class medal in the group's history. 

Aside from indoor and outdoor percussion, Weston is also heavily involved as a marching band wind arranger and composer of concert percussion literature. 

Currently, Weston is the front ensemble caption head and designer for the 2014 WGI PSCW silver medalists Rowland High School, 2010 SCPA PSO silver medalist Rancho Cucamonga High School, 2013 WBA Grand Champions and 2014 BOA Grand National semi finalists Upland High School, and Sunny Hills High School from Fullerton, CA. He is also currently the arranger for Alvarado Intermediate.

Weston is a proud endorser of Innovative Percussion sticks and mallets and Remo drumheads and an active member of the WGI Percussion Advisory Board. 

Weston currently resides in Ontario, CA with his wife Kelle.