Cinematic Soundscapes

Indoor Percussion and Marching Band Compositions

"We were taken from the ore-bed and the mine,  We were melted in the furnace and the pit— .... We will serve you four and twenty hours a day!".  Inspired by Rudyard Kipling's "The Secret of the Machines", this show takes us on a journey through the essence of Modern Machinery.  



Marching Bass Drums (4 or 5)
Marching Toms
Marimba (2)
Vibes (2)
Synth (2)
Auxiliary (3)

Included Files:

  • PDFs of Individual Parts, Battery/Front Scores, and Full Ensemble Score
  • Mp3s of Full Ensemble
  • All samples included
  • MainStage File used for quick plug and play included and recommended 

*All shows are granted Regional Exclusivity